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May – Ozempic Update with Our Clients

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April – Ozempic Update with Our Clients

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How to Talk To Your Kids About Nutrition And They Will Listen

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Is Intermittent Fasting a Good Way to Lose Weight?

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Weight Loss

Typical Misconceptions and Unsuccessful Weight Loss

It is February and I am seeing many misconceptions that my new clients have and I wish they would have come to see me sooner so I could show them how easy weight loss can be. LindaRD is seeing clients from all the surrounding towns from Danville, San Ramon, Walnut...

Sleep and Weight Loss: How Sleep Affects Your Weight

Recent researches show that weight loss and weight gain are greatly affected by one thing we always neglect to do – sleep. Studies show that in the US alone, two thirds of the population say they do not sleep well for at least three nights in a week. 33% of adults...

7 Weight Loss Secrets to Keep the Weight Off for Life

If you’re one of the many who diet-ed, lost weight, and gained it all back again, I think you’ll agree that the hardest part in this ordeal is not losing weight but keeping it off. Most of us have the mentality of restricting or depriving ourselves with the food we...

JUNK NO MORE: Healthy Alternatives to Junk Food Snacks

Stop munching that chocolate and look at this. Gone are the days when children in the United States eat fresh apples and drink milk for snacks. Blame it on fast food advertising, on parents giving their children more bucks than needed or even just on different junk...