Nutrition Education Follow-ups

Nutrition Education Follow-up sessions are usually short, just around 15-30 minutes, and are critical in keeping you motivated and on track. They can be in person, but we find phone calls and E-mails are highly effective. The sessions will consist of modifying the meal plan, continuing your education on how to incorporate new food products and “holding your hand” thru the ups and downs of life.

Even people who do not have a weight problem overeat at times. LindaRD will teach you how to allow yourself to over-indulge and then show you how to discipline yourself and get back on track. LindaRD says, “Always make sure that when you overeat, it is absolutely delicious and you will not regret it.” LindaRD is patient yet passionate about working with clients to help them maintain the momentum they need to achieve long term success.

If you are confused about what food you need to buy for daily consumption, LindaRD can walk with you through the market aisle by aisle and show you the best products for nutritional content as well as value through her Supermarket Shopping Tour session.

To start becoming physically fit, call LindaRD at (925) 855-0150 or Email her at and have that healthy body you’ve always wanted.

For many clients, health insurance will cover LindaRD ’s fees. Click Insurance for more information.

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