Prenatal and Postnatal Counseling

Pregnancy is a very exciting time in your life and it is very important to consider you and your baby’s health.
LindaRD has two teenage girls; one conceived at age 39 and one at 43. She has the personal experience and knowledge to support you in controlling your weight and guarantees the best nutrition for you and your baby.

One common mistake is thinking that you may need to eat for two. You need to make sure your diet provides all the nutrition that you and your baby need and not more. Your appetite is the best indication of how much food you need to eat and you may find changes during your pregnancy.

The best rule is to remember to eat when you are hungry. LindaRD will discuss with you the correct balance of protein, starches, fat, fiber, sugar and total calories.

If I am breastfeeding, how much food do I really need to nurture my baby and lose weight?

LindaRD is there to help you after the baby has arrived and you have extra weight that you would like to get off as quickly as possible. You are exhausted from sleepless nights, breastfeeding and confused about what you should be eating. LindaRD can help lift this fogginess.

LindaRD is available for face to face counseling or through Phone or E-mail.

For many clients, health insurance will cover LindaRD ’s fees. Click Insurance for more information.

To completely help you with your children’s health, please Email LindaRD at or call her at (925) 855-0150.

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