Fertility Nutrition for Men

When it comes to conceiving a child, diet is just as important for men as for women.

In the Rochester Young Men’s Study, a cross sectional study from 2009-2010 at the University of Rochester recruited college students between the ages of 18 to 22 and analyzed their diets and semen.

Two dietary patterns were identified, the typical high intake of red and processed meats, refined grains, pizza, high energy drinks and sweets. Then there was the prudent type pattern which featured high intake of fish, chicken, fruits, veggies and whole grains. It was reported that men that were consuming the prudent diet had 11.3% higher motile sperm.

So this should be a wake up call to clean up your diet. When that child comes along you must be a role model for healthy eating. Do you want your son to have your eating habits?

You must be eating veggies and fruits several times a day along with a moderate fat intake. LindaRD will show you how to substitute processed foods with whole grains, eat lean meats and fish to get the omega-3s and enjoy meals that are tasty, simple and easy to prepare. LindaRD will hold your hand and make this as painless as possible.

Many studies convincingly have published that men that are underweight, overweight or obese tend to have low semen quality.

You need to know that certain micronutrients such as folic acid, selenium, zinc and Vitamins C and E have been linked with sperm quality. LindaRD will make sure that you are taking these supplements at the optimum level necessary for conception.

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