Initial Session

initial-sessionThe initial session lasts about an hour. Linda will review your medical history, recent lab data and weight and diet history. Linda is an expert in assessing those poor eating habits that can be quickly turned around without causing deprivation. She will want to know your favorite foods so she can design a food plan that is just right for you so your food choices will have high flavor and be very satisfying.

Linda finds in her 20 years of experience that clients are more successful when the food is exciting and not the usual low-calorie, fat-free fare.

After this session you will walk away with a simple and easy meal plan that incorporates your favorite foods. You will also be given a few recipes that will be tailored to your palette.

Next to this, you are recommended to take a Follow-up Session to further enhance your knowledge about healthy eating habits.

If you have any questions regarding your health concerns, you may call Linda at (925) 855-0150 or Email her and she will extend you a helping hand.