About Linda

About Linda

LindaRD has a BS from Syracuse University in Nutrition and an MS from New York University in Nutrition and Dietetics. She has been enjoying her work as a Registered Dietitian for 25 years based in Contra Costa County and serving all surrounding counties. LindaRD is happily married and has two grown daughters. She always tells the families that she works with, “I am living your life in your shoes as a mom and wife”.

LindaRD has a passion working with kids and teens. Since passing the 50 year mark, she has developed an expertise with middle age and seniors with nutrition problems that come with age. Her newest passion is working with menopausal women, weight loss, PCOS, infertility and kidney disease.

You will find LindaRD often at Safeway, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods giving her clients supermarket tours. You will also find her along with her husband checking out the latest restaurants and keeping up with the latest food trends. She wants you to continue enjoying your restaurants and she will teach you how to do so.

LindaRD’s family history has been affected by child and teen obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Her father passed away in his 40’s due to a heart attack. LindaRDwas 60 lbs overweight until she studied Nutrition at college. She spent years learning about misconceptions of foods and how to change her eating habits with the inclusion of her favorite foods. She lost those excess pounds in one year and has successfully kept them off ever since.

LindaRD receives many referrals from physicians in the Bay Area. She is available to see you at her lovely office in Alamo, CA. Insurance companies have come to the realization that nutrition is a key component of health and a majority of them pay for LindaRD’s services. LindaRD will be glad to call your insurance for coverage for nutritional counselling . Call LindaRD and see how easy she is to talk to.

If you need help in achieving a healthy lifestyle, call LindaRD at (925) 855-0150 or Email her and enjoy the benefits of improved health.

About Jackie

JackieRD is happily married and has an adorable and lovable black lab dog named Rocky

JackieRD has a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from San Diego State University and is a Registered Dietitian. Following her passion for diabetes, kidney disease and obesity management she is a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist (CDCES) and is certified in Obesity Interventions for Adults.  She supports her patients by improving their lifestyles and incorporates mindfulness techniques and enjoyable movement into her counselling. 

Before joining Lifeweight Nutrition Programs JackieRD has been a Registered Dietitian at several hospitals and clinics, nursing homes and a summer camp for kids, teens and families living with all types of diabetes.  She has trained patients on using the latest diabetes technology such as continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps and participated in research projects at UCSF. 

JackieRD specializes in diabetes where she commonly helps her patients reduce their blood sugar levels to the normal range.  She also specializes in chronic kidney disease (CKD) where she is proud to say she has been able to stabilize and even show significant improvements in A1c levels for patients with just a few lifestyle changes she has provided counselling for.

She receives frequent referrals from local Endocrinologists, Nephrologists, Internists and Family Doctors, and has a very strong working relationship with the medical community.

JackieRD is also contracted with most insurance companies that provide coverage for nutrition. She is very familiar with the way insurance companies conduct business and will call your insurance company to check on coverage, will bill electronically to prevent you from having to submit to your insurance for payment.

She loves to help her clients plan their meals around their preferred foods, provides recipes and accompanies them on grocery shopping tours.  She is constantly available to field questions outside scheduled appointments.  For example, she loves to help her patients plan what they should be eating for an upcoming restaurant or party event.

JackieRD speaks Spanish as well as English.

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