Fertility Nutrition for Women

Yes, there is groundbreaking research from The Nurses’ Health Study that was started in 1989, set up to explore reproductive issues. They found out that various components of diet for a woman can cause infertility-problems with ovulation, the carefully timed release of an egg from the ovary. Please be aware that a couple whose infertility stems from blocked fallopian tubes or low sperm production is not likely to be helped by making changes in diet.

LindaRD will talk with you about several changes in your diet that will provide a powerful boost in fertility for you.

LindaRD will explain to you that the study showed us that you need to eat less animal protein and substitute more vegetable protein such as beans, nuts, and quinoa. You will find that your meals can be tasty and simple to prepare. You can still enjoy meats but in smaller portions rather than the large portion of meat that we traditionally eat.

LindaRD will educate how you need to be eating a regimen that is based on whole grains and fiber that creates a slower effect on your blood sugar and insulin levels. You will learn about new grains such as faro, barley, brown rice and bulghur and learn how to simply prepare them.

You will be surprised to learn that 2 small sources of full fat dairy products must be added to your diet such as whole milk and ice cream. During the processing of fat being skimmed from whole milk hormones are wisked away and this can affect the important balance of hormones for ovulation. Don’t worry – LindaRD will counsel you on how to incorporate these foods without gaining weight.

Are you taking the right dosage of folic acid and other B vitamins? LindaRD will inform you about the right doses of these vitamins which are vital for pregnancy.

LindaRD will make sure that you are getting enough iron from vegetables, beans and supplements and not from red meat. It is also a very important that the right minerals are taken to become pregnant.

Are you drinking enough water? Coffee and tea you will learn is acceptable in moderation. LindaRD will help you reach a healthy weight. It has been proven if you lose 10% of your weight you can jump start ovulation.

LindaRD is glad to inform you that she has two beautiful girls that she had at age 39 and 43. Her OBGYN told her that pregnancies are often very difficult as you get older. Both pregnancies were fabulous and she had no problems.

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