Weight Loss

weightlost-weightsHave you been on too many diets and want to lose weight and keep it off forever?
Are you confused about how to lose weight and still enjoy your Favorite Food?
Do you need continued support and motivation to lose the weight and finally keep it off for life?

If all this sounds like you, Linda is your solution.

Linda was 60 lbs. overweight. Her story can be your story, losing the weight and keeping it off forever.

You can begin with individual sessions with Linda as discussed below:

Initial Session
Follow-up Session
Nutrition Education Follow-ups

Or you may enjoy the Royal Treatment with Linda’s Customized 8-Week Weight Loss Program to meet your needs.

Weight loss is just a single aspect of your health, which may result from other health issues such as High Blood Pressure.

For many clients, health insurance will cover Linda’s fees. Click Insurance for more information.

Email Linda or call her at (925)-855-0150.