Diabetes Type I and Type II

Diabetes Type I

Learning to manage your glucose management is a critical step in living a happy and healthy life when diagnosed with Type I diabetes. We are here to help and work along with your diabetes care management team to provide individualized diabetes education such as carb counting and insulin management for children and adults in remote or in-person sessions.
After an initial visit, we will tailor a plan that is right for you. This may cover:
  • Why monitoring is important and at what times during the day based off of your schedule
  • Reviewing any glucose reports if available from continuous glucose monitors or insulin pump/pen 
  • Understanding basics about carb counting and the importance of timing insulin dosages 
  • Impact of movement on glucose levels 
  • Guidelines for how to eat and take insulin on sick days (illness, dental procedures, surgeries or stressful events that may affect your eating)

Diabetes Type II

Feeling weak and shaky soon after you eat?
Confused about what to eat and how often to eat?
Wondering how much exercise is necessary to keep blood sugar down?
Testing your blood sugar but do not know how to evaluate the results?
We  can answer these questions and more. We will take you step by step and explain how your menu plan should be set up to improve your blood glucose levels throughout the day. We will emphasize the importance of small, frequent meals that have the right balance of protein and carbohydrate along with how to add fiber to your diet with tasty recipes, which require little preparation. You do not need to eliminate sugar for life. Yes, you can have fruit each day and they will show you how. And, yes, you can have a favorite dessert or your glass of wine and we will show how.  We have had remarkable success where in most cases clients’ blood sugar levels descend to the normal range.

For many clients, health insurance will cover LindaRD ’s fees. Click Insurance for more information.

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