High Blood Pressure

How can I lower my blood pressure? Do I have to give up salt forever?

There are several nutritional components to look at:

Weight Loss

LindaRD will help you lose those 10 lbs. that will cause less pressure on your arteries and keep it off. Weight loss will also increase the effectiveness of the medication you are on. LindaRD has an exciting Weight Loss program for you. If you have a small amount of weight to lose, a few individual sessions will get you on the right path to bring blood pressure back to normal. LindaRD also has a fabulous Customized 8-Week Weight Loss Program which might be great for you.


Yes, you should decrease the amount of salt you are consuming but that does not mean eliminate it. Linda will show you where all the high sodium is in our foods and how to balance them out so that you can eat an enjoyable meal. She will teach you that potatoes are an excellent choice while bread is loaded with salt. She will provide value for you that will undoubtedly add years to your life.


You will need to consume at least 30 grams of Fiber per day. Linda will show you how to do this painlessly. You will not have to turn into a rabbit. Linda will supply you with delicious recipes that you will not believe how much fiber they contain.
LindaRD works with all family members, including concerns about Child and Teen Weight Loss.

For many clients, health insurance will cover LindaRD ’s fees. Click Insurance for more information.

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