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It is February and I am seeing many misconceptions that my new clients have and I wish they would have come to see me sooner so I could show them how easy weight loss can be. LindaRD is seeing clients from all the surrounding towns from Danville, San Ramon, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Orinda and Oakland Ca.

A recent client Diana from Oakland, CA told me that she thought she was doing all the right things to lose weight but became so frustrated with lack of results that she just gave up. These were some of the habits that she was following:


Diet implies restriction and a short-lived effort to only get quick results and then return to normal poor eating habits. Diana was eating boring foods that did not satisfy her. I was adamant with her that food is to be enjoyed. My job is to keep her on track, hold her hand thru socializing and enjoying all the  great restaurants in Oakland, CA and  to learn how to eat favorite foods and keep the motivation high. Diana is now so happy to be losing weight and eating tasty foods.


My client told me that she started the new year by cleaning out the kitchen and throwing away all the junk and replacing it with only healthy foods. The only reason I am still in practice after 25 years is I teach clients that you have to adopt a way of eating that you can keep for the rest of your life. There is no overnight success but rather you must implement small and realistic changes.  Yes, it can (and even should) include splurges and your cocktails. I showed Diana how to plan her day wine tasting in Sonoma along with a favorite restaurant.


Of course Diana decided to give up all carbs and she was miserable with no weight loss. She was eating too much meat, cheese, nuts and fruit. A weight loss regimen must include all foods you love. Diana is a dessert person so I showed her how to include it each day. When she enjoyed her favorite ice cream sandwich for dessert I told her that ice cream is fat and sugar and carbs are the cookie. She learned to go backwards and think tonight I want dessert and so I will not eat a rich chicken caesar salad which has lots of fat from cheese, dressing and carbs from croutons, but will have a seafood salad instead with some popular roasted red pepper soup.


Diana was right to count calories, but the key to weight loss is spreading your calories equally throughout the day to gain success. She did not realize that fats are higher in calories per serving  even with healthy fats such as nuts, olives, and avocadoes. It is proven that we use calories more efficiently during the day when we are most active. Therefore, we should have less fat at night and eat a small piece of salmon or a filet mignon for dinner with more veggies. Diana now eats salmon or sirloin burger for lunch and sees that often she is not hungry for dinner because of the high protein and fat content.


Diana weighed herself each day and felt defeated before she even began the day. Weighing yourself does not tell the whole story. Even if the scale is not budging it does not mean that you are not making progress. I see clients drop 2 lbs. all at once after plateauing for weeks. I do not have a scale in my office and I do not talk about weight loss with my clients. After working with them for a short time I can see they are losing weight and feeling more energy. Yes, after changing their eating habits we start weighing only once a week.


Most of my clients exercise several times a week just like Donna did. The mentality is I am exercising so I can have larger portions. No, I taught Donna how to listen to her hunger even if she exercised that day. She realized on days that she exercised she was less hungry. There needs to be a plan for days that we exercise and days we do not so, for example, on days that she goes to the gym she can enjoy her wine or a larger dessert or even a larger serving of pasta.

All in all an enjoyable menu is the answer to weight loss. I am glad to share with you after working with Diana for two weeks she is down five pounds. I talk with Diana most days on the phone and she does not have to travel to my office in Alamo, CA from Oakland, CA. She is simply amazed how easy this can be and tasty as well. Feel free to call me and I can show you how this can be done and you will be thrilled to eat your favorite foods and still lose weight.

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