Monday Bites



Beets are one of those overlooked vegetables and I am always suggesting to my clients to make them a part of their meals. They are even available now precooked at Trader Joe’s in the refrigerated section and are nice and…
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How to Break That Plateau


All the time I hear from my clients that they have been stuck at the same weight for days, weeks or even months. They become very frustrated and very often give up. They have episodes of consoling themselves with bags…
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Starbucks Coffee the Healthy Way


Have you realized how many calories you may be getting from your gourmet coffee drink in the morning? My clients are always shocked when I tell them how many calories, sugar and fat are packed into their yummy drink. Starbucks…
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Are You Too Busy to Eat Healthy?


Everyday I hear in my office that people are overstressed or overworkedand this gets in the way of them eating healthy. They say that there is no time to do all that is necessary to make sure they are eating…
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How Much Protein Do I Need In My Diet?


As I mentioned in previous blogs the food label can be very confusing. I believe that the amount of protein should be listed first on the Nutrition Facts. Unbelievably, it is listed last. As you notice it is always referred…
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Enjoy A Burrito The Healthy Way


Did you realize that those huge burritos that you purchase at Taquerias can be 1000 calories? By the time you take into account the large tortilla, beans, rice, meat, salsa and sometimes guacamole and sour cream you will be at…
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Healthy Asian

For years and years of practice, I find that my clients punish themselves for snacking because they feel that it should not be a part of their weight loss program. Ironically though, I am adamant that snacking might be the…
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