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Tips to stop Overeating: Practical Ways to Prevent Overeating


Preventing one’s self to overeat when there’s a sumptuous buffet in front of you is like conquering Mt. Everest or crossing the Pacific Ocean on a raft. Well, it’s a bit exaggerated, but who would have the willpower not to chow down a tender, juicy, and succulent piece of steak or get second helpings of that creamy decadent cheesecake in front of you. Just imagining this is already pretty tempting. How would you feel if this delicious feast is actually in front of you?

Overeating is brought about by many factors – stress, boredom, emotional eating, or just the “eat all you can” mentality many people have. People also tend to overeat when they are dining out or they are in parties where delectable food choices are just at hand.

Overeating is directly proportional to weight gain. The accumulation of excess calories would eventually turn into fat. So how do we prevent overeating? Modern science and nutrition experts are constantly on the roll to find ways to stop overeating. Here are some tips to counter the temptation to binge:

Prevent Overeating Tip #1

Drink a glass of water or enjoy a bowl of broth-based soup before eating your main dish. This will make you feel full quickly and consequently, stop you from overeating.

Prevent Overeating Tip #2

Eat multiple “little meals” a day instead of 3 full meals. Divide your 3 big meals for the day into 5 or 6 smaller portions. This way you will not overeat because you will not feel a high level of hunger. This will help you decrease your calorie intake, maintain blood sugar levels and keep your metabolism going.

Prevent Overeating Tip #3

When dining out, divide your meal into two. Then ask your server to pack the other half to take home. By doing so, you eliminate the chances of overeating and you’ll have delicious leftovers for the following day.

Prevent Overeating Tip #4

Place your favorite food such as chocolates or cookies in opaque containers and keep it in a less convenient place. Research shows that convenience is one of the strongest triggers for overeating and snacking. So if your food is out of sight and out of reach, you won’t tend to munch on it each time you come across it.

Prevent Overeating Tip #5

DON’T eat with your emotions. If you are depressed or extremely happy, don’t lose yourself in the kitchen. Distract yourself. Talk to someone, blog about it, or just do anything to keep you busy.

Prevent Overeating Tip #6

Exercise! If you have a craving for something, realize that it will pass if you get distracted for 20 minutes. Workout! It’s a great way to elevate your mood and take your mind away from food. Tell yourself that if you workout you can then enjoy a treat. Honestly, you will be so proud of yourself that you will have no interest in that food that was on your mind.

If you think that the temptation to binge is strong, just remember “it’s all in the mind”. It is all in the timing that will prevent a binge. Walk out the door and immediately get yourself away from the refrigerator. Go to a café, get an enjoyable drink, take a magazine and think how many calories you saved yourself plus not having that food hangover the next day.

Linda is very successful helping her clients getting off the binge cycle.Call her to see how she helps her clients get through this pattern in their life.