Monday Bites


cereals spoon 4

Everytime I’m in the cereal aisle conducting a supermarket tour with my clients, I always show them how to look for a tasty and healthy cereal on the shelves. For breakfast, we all should have a strong source of protein…
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I find that many of my clients who love avocados try not to eat them because of the high fat content. I tell these clients that adding small cubes of this healthy green fruit adds high flavor and nutrition and…
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Love That Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese

Whether you love it or not, cottage cheese is just one of those superfoods that is loaded with protein and calcium. It is a great food to have for breakfast, to eat along with lunch as well as a great…
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Health Benefits of Nuts


Nuts are high in calories and fat. That’s the truth. But does this mean that nuts are no good? No, not exactly. Whether you believe it or not, nuts are full of health benefits. They are high in protein, fiber…
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Lemons: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Lemon with section on a white background

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” No disrespect to whoever originally quoted this, but there’s a lot more to lemons than just lemonade. When you’re given lemons you can make marmalade and candies, marinate chicken, fish and pork, bake…
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