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Lafayette, California is truly a city close to Mother Nature’s heart. Shaded by oak trees and blessed with breathtaking views of Mt. Diablo, this city is well-loved by locals and tourists alike. Not only that, Lafayette is rich with reservoirs, creeks and miles of hiking trails that families and friends will surely enjoy.

Generally considered as a residential community, Lafayette is known for its comfortable lifestyle. Residents enjoy a serene environment, away from the frenzy of nearby cities. Teeming with restaurants and shops, a small shopping region downtown serves the people of Lafayette. Residents don’t have to go too far to find what they need. Occasionally, festivals brighten the city. Every year, Lafayette’s Art & Wine festival brings the small city into life by featuring various restaurants, wines and breweries, art booths, and works of local artists. The Jazz Festival, on the other hand, attracts the best jazz musicians in the US to join the weeklong celebration in the city.

With its upscale lifestyle and picturesque surroundings, Lafayette is a quiet city most people would love to reside in. To have a life that’s even better, Linda Michaelis is encouraging the people of Lafayette to take care of their health more. With today’s escalating weight and hypertension problems, eating healthy and staying active is more important than ever. Linda is a registered dietitian and a consulting nutritionist who’s an expert in:

Lafayette, California is a lovely town surrounded by shady oak trees, breathtaking views of Mt. Diablo, 20 minutes away from San Francisco and has a population of 25,000 people. It is considered a suburban town filled with families and young couples.

Lafayette is known to have one of the highest rated schools in the area. Often you will see the Lafayette school fields filled with kids playing soccer, basketball or baseball. When you live in Lafayette the downtown has such a wonderful array of services, that you do not have to leave the area to find supermarkets, restaurants, movie theatres and more. The town of Lafayette has a new library that provides a great opportunity to have access to computers and all the latest technology necessary for studying.

The town of Lafayette hosts many local chapter meetings at the Library. Occasionally festivals brighten the downtown area of Lafayette and brings many of the residents to enjoy. They are known for the Lafayette Art and Wine Festival which attracts people from the other local towns. The Lafayette Festival attracts the best jazz musicians in the US to join the week long celebration.

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