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An old but modern city.” This is what one can say about Martinez, California. Located on the south side of the Carquinez Strait in the San Francisco Bay Area, its downtown is notable for the large number of preserved old buildings. Martinez is a city with a strong sense of history and zealous appreciation for family.

Once in the outskirt of a gold mining field, it served as the ferryboat transit point across Carquinez straits. From it’s gold mining past, Martinez has evolved into one of the area’s most significant trading post and shipping ports. The city streamlined its infrastructure and downtown to cater to the ever growing demands of modernization,but still gives importance to its outdoors. The citizens enjoy the lush green grasses and serene breeze from 16 city parks and a Marina. Shopping centers, museum and restaurants thrive in the area which makes the city teem with activity.

Modern life means more activity, and more activity can mean more stress for both the body and mind. We all know that stress is not good for us, right? Stress, is one of the major factors for heart attack, high blood pressure and other serious diseases. Eventhough Martinez has stress-relieving scenery, you shouldn’t be lenient about your health.

Healthy living is taking on the stage these days. With subversive diseases like diabetes and heart attack lurking around, we have to be watchful and take action to prevent these conditions. Linda Michaelis, a registered dietitian and nutritionist, would like to extend a hand to the citizens of Martinez, CA and guide them in achieving a healthy active lifestyle. She can counsel you for:

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