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Located just miles away from San Francisco, Concord offers a wide range of destinations and activities: from camping in the picturesque Lake Tahoe to the Four Corners Latino neighborhood around the southwestern part of the city, to the cold mountains and vast agricultural lands in the east where grapes and walnuts are abundant the whole year round, from the classy downtown to the comfortable apartment in the suburbs. In Concord, there is a place for everyone’s taste.

With a high quality of living, Concord is home to several extensively-operating corporations which diversified the local economy and gave jobs to people. That’s the reason why Concord is a mixbowl of people with different racial backgrounds – from Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanics to Pacific Islanders and Asians. Speaking about being multi-racial, Concord is a melting pot for different variety of food, too. Need some spices? The La Pinata Restaurant and Tequila Bar stands just in the corners of Willowpass Road for a complete Mexican cuisine experience. If you talk about spaghetti, fettuccine and everything Italian, then the Fiore Restaurant in Clayton Road is your silver lining.

These wonderful things about being in a highly developed city can sometimes take their toll in our health. Eating compulsively because of stress, for instance, usually results to obesity – which is the starting point of serious illness like hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol. Have any issues about diet? Linda Michaelis, a registered dietitian and a consulting nutritionist, is reaching to Concord to lend a hand. If you have queries regarding:

..and everything about health and nutrition, Linda Michaelis is the expert.

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