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Located in Central California, Clayton is known as the haven of exceptional people with deep appreciation for history, tradition and volunteerism. Coupled with some of nature’s best geographical gifts, its proximity to the San Francisco Bay Area that makes it closer to different amenities, as well as plentiful high-quality private and public schools, Clayton is a perfect place for tourists and potential residents.

With the picturesque Mt. Diablo State Park, everyone will be bedazzled by the giant sandstone formations which, visitors say, are “ very worth-exploring”. If you got hungry and thirsty after trekking those giant rocks and grilled food is your thing, you don’t have to go far for in Clayton there are barbecues and pizza of all sorts. Academic resources, too, is never an issue for in the town is the Contra Costa County Library with over 6 million books available. And with a relatively low crime rate, Clayton is a great and safe place to live in, to open a business, or simply just to visit. In Clayton awaits small-town-living yet a high quality life everyone deserves.

With a safe and healthy environment, we might as well want a holistic physiological health. Undeniably, because of the high quality of life that we have, we often forget that too much of a good thing is never a good thing, like over-eating for instance. Obesity, as a result, poses a serious threat which lead to to some serious diseases like hypertension and high blood pressure. Linda Michaelis is making us aware that these conditions are not easy-to-be-ignored. Specializing in:

…, Linda Michaelis wants us to always keep a close watch on our health. She has been in private practice for 25 years as a registered dietitian and nutritionist in California.

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