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Teen Weight Loss: The Healthy Way

I have been referred many local teens from the surrounding towns of Walnut Creek, CA Danville, CA and Lafayette, CA that want to lose weight and look their best. I feel qualified to counsel them because of my own personal problem as...

April 25, 2019LindaRD

Portion Sizes: Why you are not losing weight

I see many of my health conscious clients that know how high-quality whole foods are key to successful weight loss. But they often don’t realize that how much they are eating is even more important and often will contribute to lack of...

March 28, 2019LindaRD

A Nutrition Plan for College Students

It has been very exciting this summer seeing many college kids from Orinda, Lafayette, Danville, San Ramon, Pleasanton and other surrounding towns (including my second daughter) that finally want to take responsibility for their nutrition and lose that weight in...

June 29, 2016LindaRD

Great Success with Teen Weight Loss

I was an unhappy overweight teen and with being a Registered Dietitian and a mom of 2 teens I have found my expertise. Kevin was referred to me two years ago by his doctor when he was 13 years old....

April 25, 2016LindaRD

LindaRD Consults with Companies On In House Meals and Snacks

I see many clients that work in offices from Bishop Ranch to Silicon Valley to San Francisco.  Their offices frequently offer generous lunches and snacks galore for their employees. Yes, this certainly keeps people at work and allows for bonding...

February 26, 2016LindaRD

Typical Misconceptions and Unsuccessful Weight Loss

It is February and I am seeing many misconceptions that my new clients have and I wish they would have come to see me sooner so I could show them how easy weight loss can be. LindaRD is seeing clients...

February 4, 2016LindaRD
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