ALL ABOUT GREEK YOGURT: Benefits, Brands and Recipes

What is a Greek yogurt?
How different is it from your ordinary supermarket yogurt?
What are its benefits?

Images and advertisements about Greek yogurts are everywhere and some people might wonder why it is a craze. Undeniably tagged as the protein superstar, Greek yogurt flies out of grocery shelves no matter what brand it may be. Whether one is on a diet or just enjoying the benefits of protein which enables you to function more efficiently each day, Greek yogurt is becoming a staple in everyone’s supermarket carts.

Benefits of Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt vs Ordinary Yogurt

Greek Yogurt

Ordinary Yogurt

  • Greek yogurts are high in protein. People sometimes call Greek yogurt a protein powerhouse since the protein content is concentrated. The ordinary American yogurt has a protein content of 5grams in average while Greek yogurts can reach even up to 20grams! Imagine how much more energy we can get from this yogurt.

  • Better texture. Since in the process of fermentation liquid whey is removed, Greek yogurt becomes thicker and smoother making it more decadent to eat. This yogurt just tastes too good to be true.

  • Versatility in Use. Aside from the ordinary use of yogurt as a substitute for milk, Greek yogurt, because of its texture and taste can be used for cooking or baking, or even as a dip. It even is easier on the stomach to digest since it has less lactose and less carbs. Whether you want the yogurt to be on top of a chicken kebab or you just want to eat it straight out of the container, Greek yogurt, is just simply one of the best things in dairy product history.

Greek Yogurt Brands and Nutrition Facts

If you try to talk to someone who works in a store, Greek yogurts are early morning hits. People are now there at
the time the store opens and flock to the yogurt shelves and grab a basketful. There are different brands of Greek yogurt out there, each of which has varying nutritional values. Nutrition values like protein, calories, and carbohydrates differ with each Greek yogurt brand. The best choice would be the one with high protein. If you enjoy the taste of one with lower protein do not feel that you only should enjoy the high protein selection. They are all the same Greek yogurt after all.


Here are the comparisons in terms of Greek yogurt brands’ nutritional values.

Cabot Plain (6 oz.) 210 17 55 80 6 7
Chobani Plain (6 oz.) 240 17 65 60 6 14
Fage Total Classic (7 oz.) 263 20.1 35 57 6.1 13.1
Oikos Plain (5.3 oz.) 90 0 0 60 6 15

Some Famous Greek Yogurt Recipes

  • Greek yogurt as dips and sauces. Unlike mayonnaise and sour cream, Greek yogurt is never a potential breeding ground for bacteria like Salmonella and other pathogens and can last longer in room temperature. Mix fresh parsley leaves, tomatoes, onions, garlic salt and paprika with Greek yogurt, keep the mixture refrigerated and alas, you have an envy-of-all Greek yogurt dip.

  • Greek Yogurt as a desert. Making a Greek yogurt dessert is as simple as this: mix honey and walnuts with the yogurt and add some dried fruits. Almonds are also recommended. Greek yogurts are also good substitutes for ice cream – just top it with a luscious strawberry or cherry. Whether you’re planning for a romantic dinner or just craving for some low-fat sweets, Greek yogurt is something that you will love to indulge in.


    Just sprinkle with nuts and top it with strawberries, you now got an instant Greek yogurt dessert.

  • Greek yogurt in pastries. Greek yogurt is a better substitute for whole milk in pancakes and muffins. Since yogurt is more acidic than milk, it impedes the action of the baking powder which makes the loaf denser, thus, making it chewier. After baking, instead of topping cupcakes with high-calorie whip cream, use Greek yogurt instead.


    Greek yogurt on top of a cupcake. Yum.

Greek yogurt may be a contemporary superstar when it comes to protein but it important to see the many ways that it can be combined with your daily menu.. Given the facts, though, Greek yogurt in its premiere texture and decadence is helping to revolutionize diet and weight loss. The traditional yogurt may be beneficial, but the Greek one is at its best.

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