Trader Joe’s Delicious Bean and Barley Dry Mix for Soup – March 2012


traderjoessoupI was on a supermarket tour at Trader Joe’s with my new client Carol last weekend.

I always thought that I knew every food product on their shelf, but I realized that I missed this dry soup mix. I always ask the friendly workers there about what are the popular items. He said that this one they could not keep on the shelf this winter and this is probably why I never saw it. Carol and I both bought it.

I made it and it was just in time for this rainy coolish weather. I want to give you a few tips that I learned.
Definitely, soak the beans overnight and do not do the quick method. This will assure that the beans are soft in texture. I followed the recipe on the back of the bag and added more garlic, doubled the veggies, and used chicken stock as well as red wine instead of the vegetable stock that it calls for. I added the 1/2 cup of red wine last.

The soup even tasted better the next day.

This makes a wonderful dinner along with a salad.


I gave you a picture of the package that is sold at Trader Joe’s near the rice and quinoa.

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