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LindaRD Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist Tells How to Enjoy Fine Dining In Oakland CA


You will often find Linda RD, Registered Dietitian/ Nutritionist assisting clients with what to order in their favorite restaurants. LindaRD makes sure that her clients order entrees that they enjoy and then helps them with understanding what are reasonable portion sizes. She often suggests ordering two appetizers, splitting entrees, or taking half of the entree home for a meal the next day. LindaRD strives to help her clients feel very confident about ordering in restaurants.

LindaRD makes it a point to turn her clients onto different cuisines that they might not be familiar with. For instance she realizes that many people do not know about Vietnamese, Thai or even Indian cuisine. LindaRD walks thru menus with her clients and educates them on how these cuisines can be very healthy and delicious.

LindaRD Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist is always talking up dining in Oakland, CA, a vibrant urban culinary city, just a 30 minute drive from Walnut Creek thru the Caldecott Tunnel. People certainly know about San Francisco as a destination for fine cuisine but that always means a drive and most often lots of traffic.

Recently, an influx of young chefs from San Francisco have enriched the selection of eateries in the Oakland, CA area. Chefs like Oakland, CA because it is young, hip
and it lacks the pretense they find in San Francisco. In Oakland, CA you can find all the ingredients anyone could ever ask for from the Berkeley Bowl, farmer’s markets, galore, Whole Foods, and more. Toss in the city’s remarkable diversity–more than 100 languages and dialects are spoken in Oakland, CA.

LindaRD loves to recommend Pizzaiolo, known for its wood-fired thin crust pizzas along with great salads. It is casual fare and a great spot for families. They also own Boot and Service that sits right near the Grand Lake theatre and a great spot to eat after taking in a movie.

If you like oysters, mussels, interesting salads and I must say great burgers go to Lukas. A great little spot across from Lake Merritt is Sidebar known for their trout salad and great fish in general.

Camino on Grand Avenue has a new menu each day that is posted on their website. Great vegetarian entrees and most definitely a spot for a risk taker. It is s short menu with three entrees and four appetizers along with a couple of salads to choose from each day.

Check out the Glenview gourmet ghetto that encompasses one main street, Park Blvd in a neighborhood with a few great spots. I loved Marzano for the gourmet pizza and small plates. Very cute area with the laundromat and hardware store in between these hot new restaurants.

Jack London Square has recently had many new restaurants move in. My favorite is still Bocanova, a Pan-American spot known for also known for oysters and ceviche which I loved.

Then there is Oakland’s Rockridge District that has the landmark spot Oliveto, that is known for it’s light Italian cuisine.

So when clients ask LindaRD, Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist about great restaurants in the area, she always suggest that they check out Oakland,CA which has become a gourmet destination in the East Bay.