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Pre-diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes are at epidemic proportions. If you are fortunate enough to learn you are pre-diabetic there are minor nutritional changes you can make that can prevent diabetes. Physicians are referring patients to me that are in the pre-diabetic blood glucose range between 100 mg/dl and 125 mg/dl as well as full diabetics with fasting blood sugar level of 126 mg/dl or higher which will need medication if changes are not made.

I truly am thrilled when a physician sends me a newly diagnosed pre-diabetic or diabetic patient because I know that changes in diet can significantly affect their condition. My first contact with clients are when they are distraught with this diagnosis. I tell them this might be the best thing to happen to them, giving them a wakeup call to finally get their health in order once and for all. I tell them their Type 2 diagnosis does not mean they can no longer enjoy sugar but rather the key is to balance their meals with protein, fiber and fat along with sweets and alcohol.

Let me tell you about my most recent newly diagnosed pre-diabetic with a blood sugar of 123 mg/dl. Paul came to my office with a food diary that was very revealing. For breakfast Paul would alternate between Raisian Bran and Cheerios with a banana. For snacks he ate granola bars, yogurts and fruit galore for snacks. For lunch he always went to Safeway for a turkey and cheese sandwich on a French roll with a bag of chips. In the afternoon he would grab a candy bar or enjoy some of the homemade goodies at the office. When he came home he was famished and ate the large traditional meal with several slices of French bread. Paul said he thought his diet was moderate and did not deserve his diabetes diagnosis since he hardly ate sweets and drank water rather than sodas and juices.

Paul did not realize that his menu choices were low in protein and fiber which is necessary to keep blood sugars normal. His breakfast choices hardly have the required 2-3 oz of protein and 5 grams of fiber needed. I suggested Paul switch to Kashi-Go-Lean, Oatmeal or even eggs with a 100% Whole Wheat English muffin. For snacks I told him that he can have a hardboiled egg, beef jerky or handful of almonds and a fruit. For lunch I suggested that he continue having the sandwich but order it with 100% whole wheat bread and extra veggies which he loves along with an apple. Instead of the chips he should buy a hearty bean Progresso soup which can easily be poured into an oversized mug with the convenient flip top lid. When he craved his chips he could order 1/3 pound of meat, large coleslaw or broccoli slaw and then have a bag of chips. The chips will replace the bread of the sandwich and the salad will provide the fiber.

Paul also needed to eat a mid PM snack to keep the blood sugar stable and prevent him from being famished at dinner. I recommended cottage cheese with fruit or veggies and a few Ak Mak crackers or a few slices of meat wrapped around pickles and a fruit. I stressed the need to make sure that fruit is consumed as a dessert and never on an empty stomach stressing that fruit consumed on an empty stomach leads to rise in blood sugar and does not satisfy hunger. We discussed the need for Paul to come home with a low-calorie appetite.

I am glad to see that Paul now comes home without being famished and will be satisfied by chomping on some raw veggies that are always available. His portions at dinnertime have become reasonable. He feels that his energy level is high. The best news is that after working with Paul for two weeks his blood sugar is in the teens. Paul is so excited that he is no longer a candidate for diabetic medication. He has lost ten pounds and he feels like a new man.

If you have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, I can show you how quickly this can be reversed.

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*Published in Alamo Today, Danville Today and Lafayette Today newspapers for the month of March