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Health Benefits of Almonds and Nutritional Facts


Almonds which are usually considered as nuts are actually seeds. These seeds are quite often used to complement desserts as well as savory dishes. It’s surprising how the delicate flavor of almonds can boost the overall taste of the food. But did you know that eating them raw is actually better? This way, you’ll get the health benefits of almonds at full blast.

Raw Almond Nutritional Facts and Calories

Serving size: 1 Cup
Calories: 550
Nutrients % Daily Value
Protein 50
Calcium 25
Zinc 20
Riboflavin  45
Vitamin B-6 6
Magnesium 70
Iron 25
Thiamin 15
Niacin 20
Folate 8
Phosphorus 45

Health Benefits of Almonds

Almond Health Benefit #1

Heart friendly

Almonds increase HDL, the good cholesterol, while they lower LDL, the bad cholesterol. As a result, the risk of heart disease is lowered, too. Just by eating a handful of almonds every day, you’ll be able to keep your heart happy.

Almond Health Benefit #2

Helps with Weight Loss

Although almonds are high in fat, they boost weight loss. Almonds contain mono-saturated fat which makes satisfies hunger and make weight watchers feel full faster; thus, preventing overeating. In my practice I am finding that clients are eating too many almonds and this will slow down their weight loss. They need to understand that all that is recommended is a handful or 12 almonds.I recommend mixing the 12 almonds with a tablespoon of dried cranberries and a ½ cup of Kashi Go Lean which I believe is one of the best cereals on the market.

Almond Health Benefit #3

Brain Food

Almonds can greatly contribute to brain development. Almonds contain nutrientriboflavin which sets off a chain reaction that leads to good memory. In fact, some even consider almonds as an essential food for growing children.

Almond Health Benefit #4

Great for Skin Care

Almonds are rich in Vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that fights off free radicals, prevents body tissue damage, and keeps the skin resilient from damage. That’s why almond oil and almond milk our common ingredients in skin products. Almond-rich skin products give the skin protection from aging, the sun, and skin cancer.

Almond Health Benefit #5

Lowers Blood Pressure

Almonds are high in potassium and very low in sodium. This is a perfect combination when it comes to controlling your blood pressure. Potassium helps regulate blood pressure while the very low sodium content of almonds is ideal.

Almond Health Benefit #6

Prevents Colon Cancer and Constipation

Almonds are loaded with fiber. The fiber in almonds helps regulate bowels and cleanse the digestive tract. As a result, almonds help our bodies fight off colon cancer.

Almond Health Benefit #7

Good for Pregnancy

Almonds contain folic acid. Folic acid, aka B9 or folate, is essential in keeping babies in the womb healthy by preventing defects such as cleft lip or palate, heart problems, brain defects and many more.

Almond Health Benefit #8

Energy Booster

Almonds contain manganese, copper and riboflavin which make them effective energy boosters. So instead of grabbing an energy bar next time you feel tired, eat a handful of almonds instead.

Almond Health Benefit #9

Ideal for Diabetics

Almonds are high in protein and have near zero carbohydrates. This is an ideal snack for diabetics and anyone who has issues with blood sugar levels.

Almond Health Benefit #10

Anti-inflammatory and Anti-spasmodic (Suppresses Muscle Spasms)

The essential fatty acids almonds contain are responsible for giving almonds anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties. In fact, Traditional Chinese Medicine uses almonds in tonics to ease swelling, heart and muscle spasms.