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LindaRD Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist Is Glad to tell You About Counseling Women with PCOS in the Bay Area


Unfortunately, many OBGYNS and Endrocrinologists will diagnose women with PCOS
and will administer glucophage or birth control pills and not give any further advice
especially about their nutrition.

Let me tell you about my client Lisa from San Rafael, CA who is 25 years old and was told that her insulin levels were elevated by her doctor and she should lose 25 pounds and watch what she is eating. That was 5 years ago and now she is married and worried that she is infertilebecause of not taking her advice seriously.

Lisa Googled nutritionist that specializes in PCOS in San Rafael, CA and found me on the healthprofs directory that is linked to my website On the phone we had a long conversation about Lisa’s symptoms of insulin resistance. The extra levels of insulin have caused her to gain weight very easily without making any changes in her eating habits or exercise. As I told Lisa from San Rafael, CA, it is such a vicious cycle. The more weight you gain the more insulin your body produces, and the more weight you gain. As Lisa mentioned to me she has gained a large amount of weight in her mid-section and it is like having a “spare tire” around her middle. In addition, she told me that she has been having excessive hair growth on her face and body, alopecia, acne, irregular periods, skin tags, dry and rough elbows, reddened rough hair follicles on the upper arms known as follicular keratosis.

Lisa came to my office in Alamo, CA from San Rafael, CA and I evaluated Lisa’s food diary that I asked her to prepare for a few days. I could tell that she was experiencing hypoglycemia or what is known as low blood sugar. She was constantly eating carbs and sweets with hardly any protein and fiber during her day. I discussed with Lisa that when we eat like this a large amount of insulin is secreted and is taken in quickly by your cells as glucose and leaves your blood low in glucose. This is why shortly after eating a large pasta meal you may become hungry, tired, nauseous, shaky or dizzy or even have headaches. As I told Lisa you can avoid having low blood sugar if you eat often protein and fiber with each meal to slow the release of sugar. I mentioned to her that if this was not well managed over time elevated insulin levels can lead to diabetes as the insulin receptors become resistant and eventually ignore the insulin. It was so smart of her to call me to learn how to once and for all eat smart and get consistent exercise.

I am continuing to counsel Lisa thru phone and e-mail from her home in San Rafael, CA. Lisa frequents many of the restaurants with her husband in San Rafael, CA and we have looked at the restaurant websites together to help her order tasty, balanced entrees and even a dessert once in awhile. We have set up a menu plan consisting of the best meals and snacks for Lisa to take to her office in Mountain View, CA. She is now starting to become consistent about going to her gym in San Rafael, CA and has been taking yoga and pilates classes.

Lisa has a vacation planned for Easter to visit family back East. We have already started talking about being prepared and organized for this trip. She has informed her family back East about some of the foods she would like to have on hand.

I have also discussed with Lisa from San Rafael, CA supplements that are recommended for PCOS such as fish oils, Vitamin D, inositol
(a B vitamin) and even 2 teaspoons of cinnamon that is researched to help with improving insulin function.

Please feel free to call me and tell me about your PCOS condition and I will be very happy to get you quickly on the right nutrition program.
Consultations can all be done on the phone thru e-mail, phone and Skype.

If you are interested in a topic that you would like me to discuss please
contact me and let me know.