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LindaRD, Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist Enjoys working with Google employees located in Mountain View, CA


LindaRD, Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist is enjoying working with many software engineers and programmers based at Mountain View, CA headquarters of Google in Santa Clara County. All the employees rave about the great benefits of working at Google in Mountain View, CA such as the free meal and snack program, laundry, oil change, and banking facilities on campus.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to counsel Jim who was diagnosed with Diabetes. Jim googled nutritionists in Mountain View, CA and found my name listed on the Healthprofs Directory. I am glad to inform you that Jim as Blue Shield PPO which covers nutritional counseling for Diabetes.

Of course, he was working long hours at Google in Mountain View, CA in Santa Clara County and missed many of the symptoms of Diabetes that he was experiencing. He was exhibiting the typical pattern of frequent thirst, light headness and dizziness at times as well as frequent urination

Jim regaled me about the incredible gourmet type food offerings available at Google in Mountain View, CA. Unfortunately, there is no limit to portions sizes for meals, beverages and snacks. After working at Google in Mountain View, CA for 2 years he has gained 15 pounds. Even though there are many healthy food options Jim was always going for the carbs like gourmet pizzas, pastas and rice dishes. I was shocked see how many glasses of fruit juices that he was consuming in a day. I often see this whencompanies provide generous meal plans and the employees abuse it to the detriment of their health.

During my initial session with Jim I realized that he never would look at food labels to select the best food choice at a market in Mountain View, CA. I educated him on how to read the food label for protein, fiber, sugar, fat and calories which are all important for control of diabetes. He understands now that a meal high in protein and fiber will be his best friend. Since all the meals are served up all he has to day is tell the server to give him double protein and fiber and less carbs. I showed Jim a typical orange juice container and how a glass has 30 grams of sugar or 8 teaspoons of sugar. He was shocked. I believe the juices that he said he never drank before working at Google in Mountain View, CA in Santa Clara County are the biggest culprit for his Diabetes.

I was glad to hear that Google in Mountain View, CA in Santa Clara County has an on-site doctor that can help himmonitor is blood sugars with this new menu plan that I individualized for Jim.

I plan to follow Jim through e-mail and phone to hold his hand and help him select the right food options at Google in Mountain View, CA in Santa Clara County as well as when he is eating at home or on the weekends. He listed for me all the wonderful restaurants that he loves to eat at in Mountain View, CA. I plan to help Jim with ordering at these various restaurants by looking at the menus on the websites of the various restaurants he enjoys in his
lovely town of Mountain View, CA.

If you are interested in a topic that you would like me to discuss please contact me and let me know.