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LindaRD, Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist Enjoyed Postnatal Nutritional Counseling with Diane from Benicia, CA


LindaRD, Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist enjoys working with women that need the support and education to take off the extra weight they have gained after their pregnancy. Diane was referred to me by her OBGYN for nutritional counseling to take the 25 extra pounds that she had gained post pregnancy.

Diane was on maternity leave for 6 months and was determined to take this weight off before returning to work in Benicia, CA. Diane came to my office from Benicia, CA with her husband , Tom and their 3 month old baby. Diane came to my office with a food diary that looked like just a list of continuous snacking. Understandably, as a new mom she is very nervous and is using food to relax her. I explained to her that we need to set up a menu plan that consists of meals and snacks that are balanced with protein, fiber and low fat.

I realized from our discussions that Diane did not have a good understanding of how to read food labels. She did not know the importance of having protein and fiber at each meal to keep her full and lessen cravings for sweets. I spent a large part of the session explaining to Diane and her husband about the important areas to look at on the nutrition label. We decided that our next meeting would be held at a Trader Joe’s so I can show Diane what are the best convenient meals and snacks for her and her husband. This meeting was very successful and Diane felt very motivated to make the right food choices.

After the meeting at Trader Joe’s I continued to communicate with Diane via phone and e-mail from Benicia, CA. She sent me her food diary by e-mail every other day and we would have a phone conversation and I would review it with her. We continued to talk about the restaurants that she and Tom love to eat at in Benicia, CA. We would look at websites of the various restaurants in Benicia, CA and I would help with ordering the best choices that she would enjoy. Often Diane meets friends at nearby parks in Benicia, CA and we would decide what were the best snacks to take with her or portable lunches.We began to create a menu for each week that included the entrees that Tom and Diane would eat for dinner.

I emphasized to Diane that she had to start exercising consistently and it would be great to belong to a gym in Benicia, CA especially where there was childcare. Also, it would be a great opportunity to meet other moms with young children in the Benicia area.

Diane did find a local gym in Benicia, CA and is enjoying taking pilates classes that are great for strengthening her core muscles.

The great news is that nutritional counseling was covered by her Aetna Insurance. I am also glad to inform you that after working with Diane for a month she is down 15 pounds. I assume in a month or two she will have lost her 25 pounds just in time for the great weather. She is thrilled and very excited to once again start seeing her waistline.

LindaRD, Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist is a mom of two teenage girls and feels that Postnatal counseling is a great expertise. It is most important that a new mom meet with a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist that has been in her shoes.

Linda is located in her office in Alamo. She welcomes your call to discuss your personal nutrition challenges. Please visit for more information, helpful tips, recipes and Linda’s blog or call her at (925) 855-0150

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