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LindaRD, Registered Dietitian Counsels Christine 16 years old from Oakland CA. with PCOS


Christine 16 years old, 5’4”, 225 pounds from Oakland, CA went to see her OBGYN because she was having irregular periods. She was prescribed birth control medication to regulate her cycle. Christine reported to her doctor that she was feeling very tired and experiencing signs of hypoglycemia several times a day. She had strong cravings for carbohydrates and admitted that she had difficulty recognizing when she was hungry or full. Christine from Oakland, Ca. had severe acne on her face, hair loss and complained of her middle getting larger. Her doctor took blood work and the results showed that she had high insulin and testosterone level as well as her blood sugar was elevated. The doctor put Christine from Oakland, CA on 2000 mg. of metformin and told her to immediately contact LindaRD for an appointment.

Christine with her parents came to my office from Oakland, CA. I could feel the tension in my office between the parents and Christine. They were so concerned that they were overwhelming her. They mentioned that they were finding junk food hidden in her room and candy wrappers in her backpack. It was clear that Christine was angry at her parents for micromanaging her food and there would be many battles at the dinner table. Christine admitted that she was unhappy and had a difficult time finding clothes to fit her especially with excess weight in her middle. Christine mentioned that she was seeing a therapist each week and was not sure whether that was working.

I set up the session that I would meet with the parents initially for a half hour and spent the next hour conducting a nutritional assessment of Christine’s present diet. Christine from Oakland, CA had what I call a very haphazard diet. She ate meals and snacks that were never planned and ones that were not balanced. For lunch she would take a box of Wheat Thins and just eat them. If she was hungry in between meals it would always be sweets like candy, cookies and ice cream which she was able to buy with money that she made with babysitting. She lived down the street from a Rite Aide in Oakland, Ca where she would go most days to buy goodies. She said she binged at least twice a week to the point of making herself sick and even trying to vomit at times. Instantly, I knew Christine had no sense of proper nutrition. She had no idea of what foods create a balanced meal. Both her parents worked and she would make crazy meals for herself that were always mainly carbs like noodles, cereals, potatoes and breads.

In this initial session I educated Christine about the importance of small frequent meals that contain protein and fiber. We listed together her favorite foods in all the food groups and came up with a preliminary menu.

Christine’s parents agreed to have me work with her for my eight week program to teach her how to eat healthy for PCOS. I am glad to inform you that her nutrition sessions were covered by her Sutter Select health insurance except for a small copay. Both her parents work for Sutter Health.

Christine and I communicate thru phone and e-mail. She e-mails me her food diary each day where I educate her on the areas of nutrition that she is not aware of. Christine is thrilled to be having a personal nutritionist that can help her deal with her difficult days especially when she feels like bingeing. The medication is helping and her cravings for carbs are lessening. For the first time in years Christine is now walking for a half hour each day in Oakland, CA and enjoying it.

It is a great pleasure working with Christine especially as she is very appreciative of the service. She is already down 20 pounds and feeling finally motivated. I can’t believe it, she is eating many servings of veggies a day and loving it. She has lost that fat and starch tooth.

I welcome you to call me and tell me about your nutritional concerns with PCOS. E-mail LindaRD at