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Introducing Your Personal Weight Loss App – Me


Wherever you turn these days there seems to be an app to help you lose weight. New clients from Alamo, Lafayette, Danville, Walnut Creek, San Ramon, Oakland, Orinda and Pleasant Hill often tell me they have been using these apps to track their food and calorie intake and are not finding success. They say they were getting interesting information but still could not get motivated to follow the prescribed food plan. I tell my clients that I am their best app as a nutritionist and can help them achieve their weight loss goals with consistency. Here are a few of the ways this real nutritionist app helps them out.

Get Organized

I have been in private practice as a nutritionist for 25 years and I know the syndrome that we do well the first few weeks but then fall off the wagon. Either our workload increases, we get sick or family matters prevent us from going to the gym. Quickly, the weight comes back on and we get frustrated. My job is to help prevent this relapse and show you how to move ahead even if your weight stays the same for a week. You need to first make sure your cupboards and refrigerator are organized to meet your goals. There must be foods available for healthy dinners and snacks. I recommend having on hand sufficient protein items such as precooked chicken or shrimp, sliced meats such as turkey, roast beef or ham, hard boiled eggs, tuna salad you already prepared, cottage cheese, and Greek yogurt, all available at our wonderful grocery stores. Then we should always have sweet potatoes or those you like, possibly precooked brown rice, kidney, garbanzo, or black beans in a can kept in the refrigerator for salads, or boxes of quinoa, whole wheat couscous or whole pasta that can be cooked up instantly for tasty meals. For veggies you must have in the freezer steam in the bag broccoli, string beans or the petite brussel sprouts which taste great. Of course, we buy fresh veggies but people tell me during the busy times they do not get cooked. I say in that case steam them the day you buy them and snack on them with salsa or dressing dips.

ls that Keep You Happy and Full

Losing weight does not mean that meals should be tasteless and boring. When new clients come in and I look at their food diary. I often say no wonder you have not been successful. These meals look like you are on a diet and you cannot eat this way forever. I always find that people need to have a better understanding how to balance meals with protein, fiber, whole grains and fat to provide a fullness that will last for hours which cannot be learned through apps. I strive to make sure my clients are enjoying food and not feeling like they are on a diet. If you are a dessert person then I help my clients set up days with two desserts that make them happy, one after lunch and one after dinner but not in between meals. If my clients like salty snacks then I make sure that they have the crunch at lunch such as having a serving of chips along with tuna salad made with lite mayo, celery, relish, onions along with cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and even a tomato soup.

Dining Out in Restaurants and Social Eating

One of the things I love to do is work with clients to plan out what to eat at restaurants or party meals. We look at the restaurant websites together and come up with an appetizer or two and/or an entree they would enjoy. Clients have told me that they walk into the restaurant and do not even look at the menu and just order what we had decided. Social eating requires lots of skill and I take a lot of time role playing with my clients on how to handle the event. I help clients look at restaurant websites from Alamo, Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Danville, Orinda, Oakland, San Ramon, Concord and Pleasant Hill.

How To Read Food labels

In my first meeting with a client I always make sure that they know how to read the food label accurately. As I have written in past articles the food label is upside down and very misleading. They use grams instead of ounces and I see many people that are confused and thus have purchased items that they thought were good food choices.

Handling Emotions and Food

As I tell my clients we all have slipups and wind up feeling guilty. That can start a vicious cycle of overeating and just plain feeling worse. I am a non-judgmental coach, nutritionist who has seen this scenario many times and I teach my client to learn from their mishaps and actually become better for it. Often I will say to a client that I have been working with for awhile remember you overate when there were struggles with the kids but now you reach for a cup of tea and try to calm yourself and go take a hot shower and hop into bed.

Please feel free to contact me if you are struggling with weight loss and need the support, education and motivation to keep you on track and finally reach your goal. I work with clients from Alamo, Walnut Creek, Danville, Lafayette, Orinda, Oakland, San Ramon and Pleasant Hill.

I am glad to inform you that insurance companies will cover nutritional counseling. Please visit for the list of companies, past articles, and more information about nutritional concerns. Call Linda at (925) 855-0150 or e-mail her at .