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San Jose, California, the largest city of the San Francisco Bay Area, has come a long way from the farming community it once was. Holding over 6,600 technological companies, 6,600 technological companies, San Jose, California is nicknamed as the “Capital of Silicon Valley” and viewed as the #1 in Technology Expertise. Today, San Jose is seen as one of the most industrialized cities not only in the state of California but all over the United States.

Although San Jose is considered as one of the most developed cities in the US, this metropolis exudes a small town’s charm. With remarkable landmarks and a breathtaking cityscape, San Jose is a haven for locals and tourists alike. It’s quite hard to be bored in this city. Both day trippers and nightlife lovers will surely fall in love with San Jose’s convenient shopping centers, various dining and cultural spots, outdoor recreational facilities and ample parks and trails.

San Jose is highly urbanized yet it’s quite close to Mother Nature’s arms. With mountains surrounding all its three sides, San Jose is blessed with a beautiful climate, boasting more than 300 sunny days every year. Because of this wonderful weather, San Jose is a great city for taking strolls and walking exercises. In fact, CNN once called out San Jose as the “8th best fitness walking city in the nation.” This city makes it easy for its residents to stay fit and active.

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