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Try to imagine this: A group of 16 year old kids drinking down bottles of beer and acting like it’s the coolest thing in the world. Not a pretty picture, is it? Marin County has been facing this problem for several years now. Statistics show that underage drinking is prevalent among 11th graders. In fact, 53% of 11th graders are drinking alcohol regularly. Quite alarming, isn’t it? These kids are not only too young to drink but they are also putting their health at risk.

For instance, binge drinking which is a common trend among teenagers can lead to alcohol poisoning, coma or even death. Heavy drinking on a regular basis can cause liver damage, heart disease, some forms of cancer, and brain damage. If these booze-loving teenagers will continue with their irresponsible behavior, then Marin County will definitely be facing alcohol-related health problems in a few years’ time.

Irresponsible drinking threatens health as well as society. How often do you hear about DUI-related accidents? How about alcohol-fueled fights? As a result, health officials as well as community organizations are taking bold measures to curb alcohol consumption in Marin County. Just a few years back, Marin County made history when it banned alcohol sponsorship at the County Fair. While others are counting on the money from alcohol and beer companies, Marin County is taking a stand in order to make the environment friendlier to children and families.

Nowadays, more and more women in Marin County are diagnosed with breast cancer. For these past several years, Marin County has one of the highest breast cancer rates in the country. Although there are many factors that lead to breast cancer, such as late childbearing or obesity during menopause, alcohol consumption is the factor that stands out for these women.

The residents of Marin County need to understand the importance of a holistic lifestyle. Linda Michaelis, a health and nutrition expert is willing to share her time and expertise to help undo the reversible damages of alcohol consumption and promote healthy living to the men, women, and children of Marin County. As a certified nutritionist and registered dietitian, Linda wishes to serve the towns and cities of:

  • Belvedere
  • Bolinas
  • Corte Madera
  • Dillon Beach
  • Dogtown
  • Fairfax
  • Inverness
  • Inverness Park
  • Kentfield
  • Lagunitas-Forest Knolls
  • Larkspur
    • Greenbrae
  • Marshall
  • Mill Valley
    • Strawberry
    • Tamalpais-Homestead Valley
  • Muir Beach
  • Nicasio
  • Tomales
  • Woodacre
  • Novato
    • Bel Marin Keys
    • Black Point-Green Point
    • Hamilton
  • Olema
  • Point Reyes Station
  • Ross
  • San Anselmo
    • Sleepy Hollow
  • San Geronimo
  • San Rafael
    • Lucas Valley-Marinwood
    • Las Gallinas
    • Santa Venetia
    • Terra Linda
  • Sausalito
    • Marin City
  • Stinson Beach
  • Tiburon

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