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Pleasanton, a suburb in the San Francisco Bay Area, is a beautiful city with a colorful history and heritage. Back in the day, bandits and desperados freely roamed the streets of Pleasanton. After ambushing prospectors and stealing gold, these so-called outlaws would take refuge in the town of Pleasanton. Because of its infamous reputation, Pleasanton was dubbed as the “The Most Desperate Town of the West” in the 1850s.

We are all familiar with the legendary swordsman with a cape, right? The story of Zorro was inspired by the life of Joaquin Murrieta, a bandit known as the Robbin Hood of El Dorado. Some say he’s a notorious criminal who stole gold and spread terror while others claim he’s a Mexican patriot hailed by a number of political activists.

Another interesting story about Pleasanton is its name. John W. Kottinger founded this town and named it after his friend, Major General Alfred Pleasonton. But because of a typographical error committed by an employee of the U.S. Postal Service, the town is known as it is today.

Presently, Pleasanton, California is an active city with a small town’s charm. It’s no longer seen as a wild and dangerous city it once was. Today, Pleasanton is a fashionable place that continues to grow as more and more professionals and successful businesses flourish in the city.

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