No more guessing about what is the best nutritional plan for you.

Imagine having a personal nutritionist conveniently in your home answering all your questions! Linda knows it can be daunting – she will take you by the hand and get you started. She will create a fabulous plan that will be delicious, provide essential education, encouragement, and motivation and will frequently communicate with you by phone or e-mail.

Linda is there for you!

Customized 8-Week Program

Linda can counsel you for:

Linda’s services are covered by most Insurance companies.

Linda Michaelis RD is extending her services as a registered dietitian and certified nutritionist to the Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco Bay Area, San Joaquin, Santa Clara, Sacramento, Stanislaus, San Mateo and Solano counties, specifically the towns or cities of:

Linda RD now provides counseling throughout the country and even internationally via phone, Skype, or E-mail.