Customized 8-Week Program

8-week-programMany studies have shown that it takes 8 weeks to produce successful results that change eating habits, make lifestyle changes and permanently change your life. LindaRD has created a special Customized 8-Week Program, whether your goal is weight loss or controlling your diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. In addition to her normal sessions, Linda has developed a structured Customized 8-Week Program that has generated remarkable results. It is truly the Royal Treatment. This is a grand opportunity for Linda to customize a program for you that will guarantee success.

In 2 months you will be a new person. Food will become a friend again. You will learn how to handle any situation that arises around food, whether it be daily life, restaurants, social occasions or spontaneous events. Linda will be available to you everyday of the 8 weeks. You have the opportunity to talk to her each day, e-mail her with questions or even come to her office each week if you feel that this helps with your motivation.

Linda is very interested in your social eating habits whether it be at work with the overflowing goodies, restaurants that you love to go to or the events that revolve around food in your life. Linda’s experience is that the spontaneity of the day very easily gets people off track.

Linda will take your hand and step by step empower you to handle each situation that arises.

nutrition-factsLinda sees everyday that people have many misconceptions about the food label. People should be focusing on the grams of protein, fiber, sugar, and calories instead of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are our friend and we feel lethargic and moody if we do not have them. Linda makes it a point to tell you each day to have a serving of a white flour based starch like the best pizza in town or the greatest fresh French bread at your nearby restaurant.

She strives to help you get out of your boring routine and make choices that are tasty and have high flavor. She believes that high flavor foods can fill you up more than quantities of low-calorie foods.

These are the areas you will cover with Linda:

  • Setting up weekly goals to build new habits
  • Advice on how to handle all social occasions
  • Emphasizing organization and preparation for the day
  • How to discipline myself and love it
  • Nutrition education based on what you need to know
  • Protein, fiber, fat, sugar, calories, carbohydrates. What do all of these actually mean, and what do I really need to know?
  • Recipes catered to your desires and how to find others on-line or in magazines
  • Walking through websites together at your office or home for new products and restaurant menus
  • Evaluating exercise regimen and making recommendations if there are limitations due to injury, etc.
  • Learning how to keep motivation up and the food plan exciting. Linda does not want you to eat the same thing every day.
  • A supermarket tour in your local market can be arranged.

The Customized 8-Week Program is essential to completely monitor your eating habits and physical activities. This will ensure that your nutritional program is working effectively for you.

Linda designs activities that are adequate to your physical, mental and health needs. Wellness Programs and Health Fairs are specifically intended to maintain an exuberant condition and reduce risks of health deterioration.

Health is wealth, as they say, so it is wise to make sure that you don’t have the risk of any health problems. Call Linda at (925) 855-0150 or Email her to assure yourself of the wealth of health.